Capitol Guitars

Mary gives lessons at Capitol Guitars in St. Paul, MN. Lessons are $25.00 per half hour. Mary is available on Wednesdays, and other weekdays by arrangement with the store.

Mary accepts students ages 9 and up. Adults are encouraged! If you are or wish to become a songwriter, she can help you with your writing as well.

For more information, email Mary here, call the store at (651) 225-8888, or drop by their location at 644 Selby in St. Paul.

Capitol Guitars lesson policy:
  • The rate is $25.00 per half hour lesson. Please pay your instructor directly. (Cash or check is preferred.)
  • We ask that students pay in advance for 4 lessons at a time. Payment is due on or before the day of the first lesson, then on or before the 5th lesson, 9th lesson, etc. Weekly payments can be accepted for the first month of lessons.
  • Please provide a 24-hour notice if you need to miss a lesson. If proper notice is not received, the student will forfeit the lesson without a refund.
  • The student will provide his/her own transportation to and from Capitol Guitars for lessons.
  • If the student is late for a lesson, the lesson still ends at the scheduled time (out of fairness to the next student).